Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Plan - Overview

      • What are the major areas of improvement of the plan?

      • What are the anticipated benefits of the plan?

      • Where can I see the full Moving 15 Forward plan?


      • When will Full-Day Kindergarten begin?

      • How is the District informing all members of the communities it serves?

      • Are the bus schedules and facility improvements related?

      • How has the Illinois pension system impacted District 15?

      • How will you ensure safety and minimize disruptions to students, staff, and neighbors during construction?


      • Will there be enough parking for Thomas Jefferson to get turned into a middle school?

      • Can I view the District’s 5-year facility and maintenance plan?

      • Does the District have a facility plan to prepare for future work needed?

      • Once the schools are updated, how long would it be before they needed to be updated again?


      • What is the cost of the Moving 15 Forward plan?

      • Where does the District’s portion of the plan come from?

      • How much of the plan is funded by the referendum?

      • How will my taxes be impacted?

      • How will taxpayers know that funds will go toward these projects?

      • What if the work exceeds estimates?

      • Is any public funding available?

      • Why doesn’t the District use its fund balance to pay for the projects?

      • What is the Impact of the Reassessment on the Bond portion of the Tax Bill?

      • Will the Reassessment impact the amount asked for in the referendum?

      • Why is there no impact on the District’s finances as a result of the reassessment?

      • Where can I view an update on the District’s finances?

      Education in D15 - Site Specific

      Education in D15

      • Where will programs and services be placed?

      • What are the benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten?

      • Would a Half-Day Kindergarten program still be available?

      • Does the community support Full-Day Kindergarten?

      • What is a middle school model?

      • What is the bilingual overlay?

      • Why does the District want to remove the bilingual overlay?

      Boundary Adjustments

      • Why are boundary adjustments necessary?

      • Did the boundary adjustments require a referendum?

      • There are many new residential properties going up in District 15 boundaries, are those potential residents being factored into the student enrollment numbers?

      • What does "near-neighborhood" schools mean?

      • What does balanced enrollment mean?

      • What is a feeder system?

      • Which high school will my student go to?

      • Does this impact high school boundaries?

      • When were the boundary lines re-drawn for the purposes of the new feeder lines? Who re-drew them (Internal committee members or the outside consultants)?

      Timing and Next Steps

      • What year will this be implemented?

      • What is the bidding process? Will we get multiple bids?

      • When will Full-Day Kindergarten begin?

      • Will current families be "grandfathered" into their existing schools, or will they be moved to new schools within the school year planned for implementation?