New 3-Tier Bus Schedule and Associated NEW School Start Times

  • New 3-Tier Bus Schedule and Associated NEW School Start Times (English / Spanish)

    Beginning on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, District 15 will move to a 3-tiered bus system in order to continue to be able to transport all 10,000 students during a nationwide bus driver shortage. As we have reported to the Board of Education over the past many months, there is a critical nationwide driver shortage across many industries here and across the country. School bus drivers are a true part of this shortage. To that end, District 15 has been faced with a significant and growing bus driver shortage since the start of the school year.

    We know this is a hardship. We truly understand the impact a mid-year change in daily school schedule will have on many of our staff and families and have made every effort to minimize the impact, but the problem cannot be solved without changes being made. We have done everything we can to work within this shortage, but there are no easy long-term solutions which would maintain the current start times. Please know that changes to school start times range from 10 to 35 minutes. The transportation department will send out new pick up/drop off times in February.

    3 Tier Bus Schedule

    Again, the 3-Tier bell schedule will go into effect on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. We wanted to give families and staff as much advance notice of the change in times in order to allow you to plan accordingly. We have reached out to the local Park Districts that currently operate before and after school daycare programs in our schools and they have agreed to change their hours of operation to accommodate the new bell schedules at each elementary school. In cases where no before school program has been needed based on low enrollment, Jane Addams and Stuart R. Paddock, the Palatine Park District is working to hire staff to launch a program should there be enough interest.

    District 15 will remain a 3-Tier transportation system for the foreseeable future. We will communicate the 2022-23 start times to staff and parents before Spring Break, so that families and staff are able to plan for their daycare needs. As we have done each month, we will continue to update our Board of Education at their regular meetings. We know this is not easy and we thank you for your understanding.