•  Scavenger Hunt

    Does this school year have you in the mood for outdoor activities and play?

    Head outside with the Hunting Ridge Scavenger Hunt to finish off our school year as summer approaches.

    Discover nature, our community and more – then be entered for a prize drawing!


    Scavenger Hunt dates:  May 1 – May 16th

    Submissions due:  Monday, May 17th    Prize Drawing Entry 

    Prize drawing:  Tuesday, May 18th


    There are two scavenger hunt versions to select from.  The hunts can be done all at once or spread out over several days – you choose.


    BLUE version:  simpler version with tasks and adventures that can be done in and around your home; with a visit to one destination.  Clue: students go to this destination most days.


    WHITE version:  more challenging version with clues at one location to steer you to your next location where you’ll be asked to complete a task, answer a question or snap a photo.  An adult is required to drive in order to complete this version.


    Select either the BLUE or WHITE version.  Can’t decide?  Do BOTH!


    PHOTO OPS:  No matter which version you choose, you can use a smartphone or camera to snap some photos of your fun and adventures. Photos will be used in a video montage of everyone's adventures and shared in a future newsletter.
    Share pictures of your adventures here 


    ATTENTION Parents/Caregivers:  There’s an ANSWER KEY for the WHITE version just for you for a full list of destinations, addresses, a map and answers to the clues for planning purposes.


    STUDENT versions of both the BLUE and WHITE scavenger hunts and a combined file are available below.


    Important reminders:  Please follow CDC safety guidelines including face masks and social distancing recommendations during your hunt.


    For questions, please contact Joanna Rossi at: joanna.d.rossi@gmail.com