Beyond Just Boundaries FAQs

Timeline/Logistic Questions

  • Has a final decision been made?

  • What is the potential timeline for implementation? Will the implementation be all at once or phased-in?

  • Will current families be ""grandfathered" into their existing schools, or will they be moved to new schools within the school year planned for implementation?

  • What are the proposed boundaries for each school?

Focus on Near-Neighborhood Schools

  • What does “near-neighborhood” schools mean?

Establish a Cohesive Educational Path for Students

  • What is a feeder system?

  • Does this impact high school boundaries?

  • When were the boundary lines re-drawn for the purposes of the new feeder lines? Who re-drew them (Internal committee members or the outside consultants)?

Balance Enrollment

  • What does balanced enrollment mean?

Offer Full-Day Kindergarten For All

  • If it were to be implemented, would it be paid for with tuition charged to households with income above a certain level? If not, how do you plan to pay for the facilities, busing, teachers' salaries and pensions?

Upgrade to a Middle School Model

  • What is a middle school model?

Eliminate the Bilingual Overlay

  • What is “bilingual overlay”?

  • Why do we want to eliminate the bilingual overlay?

Ensure Equitable Access to Programs and Services

  • What impact will these changes have on the Gifted Program?

Utilize Our Facilities More Efficiently

  • No questions submitted currently.

Repair and Restore Our School Buildings

  • If the schools are updated, how long would it be before they needed to be updated again?