• Multicultural Cooking

  • Join us on our adventure as we learn how to experience cultures from around the world in our very own kitchens.

    Cooking Show Episodes Vimeo password: HRPTA2021

  • Our Spring 2021 MultiCultural program will focus on FOOD!  We’ll share our various cultures through a virtual Cooking Show with ‘episodes’ coming out monthly, along with a Recipe blog! 

    Are your students interested in sharing a special cultural dish with our Hunting Ridge community?  Complete a MultiCultural Cooking interest form here

    Please fill out one form per recipe submission

    This can be as fun and creative as you like.  Ideas include recipe making videos with your kids (we can help edit!), written recipes or both along with some cultural details behind it. 

    The only ask is that the recipe(s) represent your country of origin, a country you have visited or a country you would like to learn more about. 

    This is sure to be our most delicious event yet!

    For any questions, please contact Toral Shah: toral701@gmail.com  

    Submission Process: 

    • Please submit all videos and written recipes here
    • All submissions for a given month are due no later than the specified due date to guarantee inclusion in that month’s episode:
      • March due date:  Friday 3/19
      • April due date:  Friday 4/16
      • May due date:  Friday 5/14


    • All videos should be taken in landscape (horizontal) orientation.
    • Video recordings should ideally range between 5-7 minutes.
      • You can record ‘scenes‘ and either edit yourself or submit multiple mini-videos that we can help to assemble
    • Be sure to include the following in your recording:  
      • Student(s) introduce themself (First Name & Grade)
      • Recipe Name
      • Which Country or Culture it represents
      • Cultural information/significance (at least 2 facts)

    Written recipe:

    • All recipes should be submitted in a word/doc format.
    • Be sure to include:
      • Ingredients & Quantity
      • Directions
      • Cultural information/significance (at least 2 facts)
      • If known:  yield/serves, prep and/or total time
      • Student Name(s) & Grade(s)

    This is sure to be our most delicious event yet, so start your planning and making those grocery lists!



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