About Human Resources

  • The Department of Human Resources is responsible for recruiting, screening, and hiring all district employees (see Employment/Application Process). Among the many programs the department supervises are employee orientation, benefits such as health insurance, employee recognition, retirement, teacher certification, employee evaluation, and fingerprinting. School District 15 employs approximately 2,093 staff. Approximately 913 are certified teachers, 62 administrators, 822 classified staff, and 296 substitute teachers. 

    This includes teachers who average 13 years of teaching experience; 80 percent of teachers hold master’s degrees and above; and 119 teachers are certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, the highest teaching credential available.

    All official personnel records are maintained by this department, which also coordinates the following district programs: Board of Education policies, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, official school calendar, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, wage and salary computation, employment of substitute teachers, staff development for classified employee groups, and the annual District Fifteen Educational Foundation/United Way campaign.

    Staff Development

    The School District 15 staff is the most important asset. The district's human resource development program focuses on helping each person achieve his or her highest level of productivity. A New Teacher Induction Program, currently consisting of four days of orientation and ongoing training workshops throughout the school year, is provided to all teachers new to the district. There is a Mentor Program for both new and experienced administrators and teachers, training for support staff, and technology training for all employees.

    Staff Recognition

    School District 15 appreciates all employees and the work they do for children. Events are held each year to recognize those efforts to provide quality education. Some of these events include the Board of Education reception for retirees, acknowledgement of staff through the District's Above and Beyond Award, and activities during American Education Week.

    Administrators also work with staff members to help them gain national and regional recognition through a variety of programs. Among those programs are the National Board Certification for teachers from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program, and the Kohl/McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award.

Contact Us

  • Lisa Nuss

    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    Lisa Nuss
    Phone: 847-963-3013
    E-mail: nussl@ccsd15.net

    Director of Human Resources - Certified Staff
    Philip Georgia
    Phone: 847-963-3015
    E-mail: georgiap@ccsd15.net

    Director of Human Resources - Classified Staff
    Lori Thum
    Phone: 847-963-3020
    E-mail: thuml@ccsd15.net

    Interim Human Resources Coordinator
    Laurie Campbell
    Phone: 847-963-3139
    E-mail: campbell@ccsd15.net

    Interim Human Resources Coordinator
    Kelley Zerfahs
    Phone: 847-963-3139
    E-mail: zerfahsk@ccsd15.net

    Senior Executive Assistant
    Kristin Fortunato
    Phone: 847-963-3011
    E-mail: fortunak@ccsd15.net

    Executive Assistant
    Lisa Kreiss
    Phone: 847-963-3014
    E-mail: kreissl@ccsd15.net

    Personnel Generalist
    Chanell Lopez
    Phone: 847-963-3010
    E-mail: lopezc@ccsd15.net

    Personnel Generalist
    Lindsay Sellers
    Phone: 847-963-3009
    E-mail: sellersl@ccsd15.net

    Georgianne O'Donnell
    Phone: 847-963-3000
    E-mail: odonnelg@ccsd15.net