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Directions to Kimball Hill Elementary School

School Time Schedule

  • 2023-24




    Office Hours:

    7:25 am – 3:55 pm

    Grades 1-6:

    8:25 am – 3:05 pm

    8:25 am – 2:15 pm

    Kinder AM:

    8:25 am – 11:00 am

    8:25 am – 10:35 am

    Kinder PM:

    12:30 pm – 3:05 pm

    12:05 pm – 2:15 pm


    11:00 am – 12:30 pm

    11:00 am – 12:30 pm






    Office Hours:

    7:25 am – 3:55 pm

    Grades K-5:

    8:25 am – 3:05 pm

    8:25 am – 2:15 pm

    Please visit School Start and End Times for more information.

    Doors open at 8:10 am for students who need breakfast. All other students should plan to arrive closer to 8:20 am. School begins at 8:25 am and students will be marked tardy after 8:25 am. 

Arrival/Departure Information

  • Arrival/Departure Procedures: 

    Kimball Hill Bells:

    1st Bell: 8:10 a.m. - Doors open for students who are in need of breakfast. We do recommend students arrive closer to the bell at 8:20 if they do NOT need a breakfast bag. All students enter the building and go directly to pick up their breakfast bag in the lunchroom, to be eaten at their desk. 

    2nd Bell: 8:25 a.m. - Classes will begin.  At this time, all exterior doors are locked except for the main entrance. Students who arrive late (after 8:25 a.m.) must enter through the front door and will be marked tardy. Parents MUST sign them into the main office.  

    A.M. Procedures: 
    During AM drop off times, the front parking lot is closed. We encourage all families to utilize our drop off procedure rather than “the park and walk in” method. Our drop off method is designed to build independence and confidence of our students, provide a safe experience and is the most efficient method for the high volume of vehicles dropping off students. If you need to park and come inside, please use street parking, follow street signs. You can drop off on School Street and students can use Door 10 by School Street for a more convenient entry. Please follow traffic laws. No child should be unsupervised on campus before school begins. The side staff parking lot (next to Jewel Osco) is reserved for buses and staff parking. The front parking lot is for staff only. Please do not park in this lot and we kindly ask that you do not move our school cones to drop off students or pick up students in this area. Dismissal procedures will be provided from your child's teacher.

    1. If you use the semi-circle in front of school to drop off, all vehicles should enter at the north end of the circle drive and exit at the south end. There will be one lane of traffic.

    2. Pull up as far as possible toward the stop sign to let out your child. Each child should get out of the car on the curb side. Parents should remain in their cars as this will help the line to flow and prevent congestion. Staff will be out front to help students get out of their cars and into the building each morning.

    3. Both A.M. and P.M. Kindergarten will be dropped off at the front of the building, as well. Staff will be there to receive these students and help them get to their classroom.

    4. If you are dropping off your child for the REC program around 8:10 a.m., please park in the parking lot—NOT the circle drive—and use the crosswalk to bring your child into the building.

    P.M. Procedures:

    1. All vehicles using the front semi-circle should enter at the north end and exit at the south end; otherwise please feel free to use street parking.

    2. Please continue to pull all the way forward to allow for a continuous, safe flow of cars.

    3. Parents will need to remain in their car when their student(s) enters the vehicle.

    4. Staff will assist to ensure your child gets to your car safely.

    5. Please remind your child to enter the car on the side of the school, if possible.

    6. To avoid a bottleneck, please consider picking up/droping off along School Street, following street signs. Children can then walk to the car. The residential side of School Street is a public street- all traffic laws do apply. Please be aware of blocking the driveways of private homes- this is prohibited. The RMPD will enforce parking restrictions. Parents are urged to adhere. Families who have followed this suggestion have been pleased. They have simply set a predetermined area for their child(ren) to walk to each day. Congestion around the building has been avoided, and a safer environment has been created for all children. There is also street parking or you may use the Jewel lot.

    We ask parents to follow our school rules for parking to ensure a safe dismissal for students and to be respectful to staff on duty who are watching out for the safety of all children.

    Walking to School/Crossing Guards: If your child walks to school, we have adult crossing guards that are provided by the Rolling Meadows Police Department. Please take advantage of these services at the following locations:

    • Kirchoff and Meadow
    • School Street and Meadow
    • Campbell and Meadow