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  • Community Consolidated School District 15
    District Office/Educational Service Center

    580 N. 1st Bank Drive
    Palatine IL 60067-8110
    Phone: 847-963-3000

    Office Hours:
    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Board of Education

    Lisa Beth Szczupaj, President
    Frank J. Annerino, Vice President
    Anthony Wang, Secretary
    Samantha Bray Ader
    Wenda Hunt
    Zubair Khan
    James Taylor

    Superintendent's Office

    Laurie Heinz, EdD
    Superintendent of Schools

    • Leads day-to-day operations in District 15
    • Serves as educational advisor and liaison to the Board of Education 
    • Informs and engaging with the communities in which we serve
    • Sets district direction through implementation of the Strategic Plan  
    • Monitors goals and outcomes set forth within the Strategic Plan 
    • Oversees Central Office leadership

    Administrative Services

    Claire Kowalczyk, EdD
    Deputy Superintendent of Schools

    • Serves as one of two District Complaint Managers
    • Oversees Intra-District Transfers and helps oversee student enrollment and school-based functions
    • Oversees Board of Education Policies and Revisions
    • Coordinates District crisis and emergency management with local first responders
    • Assists with oversight of Transportation and Nutrition Service Departments

    Business & Auxiliary Services

    Diana McCluskey
    Chief School Business Official

    • Responsible for oversight of Business and Auxiliary Services Department including Fiscal Services, Operations & Maintenance and Payroll
    • Responsible for Budget Forecasting, Adoption and Management 
    • Oversees general and workers' compensation insurance

    Anthony Fashoda
    Director of Fiscal Services

    Communications Department

    Rebecca Latham
    Chief Communications Officer

    • Contact for all media questions and requests
    • Coordinate all district publications and mass communication
    • Promote goodwill through news releases, presentations, speeches, etc.
    • Collaborates with District webmaster on District and staff web

    Educational Services

    Tom Edgar, PhD
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

    • Oversees specialized intervention supports for students
    • Coordinates the academic and mental health screening of students
    • Develops tools to assist schools with the use of student assessment information
    • Manages the Academically Talented and Gifted Program
    • Oversees Community Schools Program
    • Consults with building administration on student discipline cases
    • Title IX Coordinator
    • Uniform Grievance Officer
    • Oversees grants related to after-school programming

    Laura Swanlund, PhD
    Director of Comprehensive Mental Health & Related Services

    Rachel Bland, EdD
    Director of MTSS

    Facilities & Operations

    James Kaplanes

    • Oversees District Facilities and Assistant District of Facilities 
    • Coordinates with Construction Management and outside providers linked to school construction
    • Maintenance of heating, electrical, and general physical structures (including roofs, exterior painting, and floors)
    • Maintenance of lawns, playing fields, asphalt parking lots, driveways, and student play areas

    Health Services

    Karen Flor
    Health Services Coordinator
    847-963-3151 • Fax: 847-963-3145

    Corinne Jones
    Health Services Coordinator
    847-963-3044 • Fax: 847-963-3145

    • Allergy Awareness
    • Care of Illness & Injury
    • Communicable Disease Management
    • Health & Wellness
    • Medication Administration & Policy
    • Required Health Exams and Immunization Recording

    Human Resources

    Lisa Nuss
    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

    • Recruiting, screening, and hiring all district employees
    • Employee orientation
    • Benefits administration
    • Employee recognition
    • Teacher certification
    • Employee evaluation
    • Board of Education policies
    • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
    • Official school calendar
    • Workers' compensation
    • Unemployment compensation
    • Substitute teachers
    • Staff development for classified employees

    Shari Lazor, EdD
    Director of Human Resources-Certified Staff

    Andy Elbert
    Director of Human Resources-Classified Staff

    Multilingual Programs

    Renee Urbanski
    Assistant Superintendent of Multilingual Programs

    • Meeting the needs of students whose native language is other than English
    • Accelerating English language literacy while valuing each child's social and cultural knowledge
    • Assessments
    • Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (B-PAC)
    • English Language Learner Program
    • Junior High Foreign Language Program
    • Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE)
    • Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI)

    Kari Keith
    Director of Multilingual Programs

    Jeffrey Tadelman
    Director of Multilingual Programs

    School Nutrition Services

    Tina Woods
    Director of School Nutrition Services

    • Breakfast programs offered at many schools
    • Lunch programs offered at all 20 schools
    • Central kitchen
    • Menus, a la carte
    • Free and reduced-price meals
    • Pay fees online

    Student Services

    Mindy McGuffin, EdD
    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

    • Special education programs and services for disabled children
    • IDEA Grants
    • Supports for Homeless Students
    • Supports for Foster Students
    • Oversight of Conyers Learning Academy
    • Exclusionary Discipline for students with IEPs
    • Staff Development for special education
    • Medicaid for Special Education Staff
    • Equal education
    • Student fees
    • Student records

    Tracey Wrobel
    Director of Student Services

    Teaching & Learning

    Lori Lopez, PhD
    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning

    • Development, implementation, instructional technology support, and assessment of instructional program
    • Provide support to schools through service to buildings
    • Curriculum development
    • Instructional material development and adoptions
    • Instructional strategies
    • Instructional Coaching
    • Staff development
    • Title 1 & 2 Grants
    • Junior High student math placement process
    • Student grade acceleration and junior high academic enrichment programs

    Emily McFadden, EdD
    Director of Curriculum

    Technology Services

    MJ Warden
    Chief Technology Officer

    Dave Kuechenberg
    Manager of Technology Services

    Tim Woomert
    Manager of Data Services

    Gorman Christian
    Manager of Information System Architect

    Transportation Services 

    Tom Bramley
    Director of Transportation Operations

    • Bus transportation for students
    • District-owned fleet
    • Bus/Student safety


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